Welcome to Book Genre Monthly

This blog has two purposes

1. To record and promote books suitable for young adults and adolescents

2. To impose a structure on my reading so that I regularly change genres.

I plan to use months as a way into different genres/sub genres themes

such as

  • Juicy January (suspense?)
  • Fantastic or Fable February
  • Misery March (dystopian)
  • Australian April
  • Magic or Mushy May (chick lit/romance)
  • Joking/Jolly June (humour)
  • Justice July (standing up for rights)
  • Action and Adventure August
  • Speculative or Sci Fi September
  • Old Times October (Historical)
  • Knowledge November (Information texts)
  • Diary December

I am not going to limit myself to just these genres and can probably fit most books into a month using alliteration.  Happy for suggestions.

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  1. Sazzle

     /  July 24, 2013

    Hooray! What a useful resource for us teachers. Thank you thank you, have really enjoyed all I’ve read of your site so far. As a request, please can you make an age suggestion along with your books? I recently bought noughts and crosses for a group read on the basis of reviews etc from multiple sources, none of them mentioned the rape, abortion and hanging contained within the pages… Needless to say my grade 6’s didn’t read it!


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